Super simple streamlit app reruns on start (side/effect), not clear why

I just have this simple streamlit

import streamlit as st


st.write("# Welcome to Streamlit! πŸ‘‹")

st.sidebar.success("Select a demo above.")

    Streamlit is an open-source app framework built specifically for
    Machine Learning and Data Science projects.
    **πŸ‘ˆ Select a demo from the sidebar** to see some examples
    of what Streamlit can do!
    ### Want to learn more?
    - Check out [](
    - Jump into our [documentation](
    - Ask a question in our [community
    ### See more complex demos
    - Use a neural net to [analyze the Udacity Self-driving Car Image
    - Explore a [New York City rideshare dataset](


I run it with streamlit run,
however, I am seeing that the haha prints between 2 to 4 times…
Should I expect that it should only be called once? What is causing the rerun?

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Hi @hackgoofer

Typically, when there’s widget interaction, these would trigger an app re-run. Were there also other widgets in the sidebar?

Hi @hackgoofer,

haha prints only once for me. Maybe, you could either try:

  1. closing your DOS & browser windows of your streamlit app and reload your app again to check
  2. If that fails, re-install streamlit


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