Streamlit - runonSave firing multiple instances or processes over time?

Working locally.

See attached screenshot. I start my app the normal way, nothing fancy going on with the config runOnSave set to True. The app starts and my log statements fire once as I expect. Everytime I make a code change they fire again(expected) but they keep adding on a line. So log_statement += 1. I’ve tried to research this, or use different python modules to track processes and threads, but it seems everything is on a single thread, context, and process.

Also in my logging I’m using a stream handler and a file handler. The behavior shows up both places.

Any ideas?

config file:

folderWatchBlacklist = [
fileWatcherType = "poll"

postScriptGC = true

gatherUsageStats = false

Again see attached image.

Thank you.

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