Streamlit server & future prospects

Hi All,

  1. My first question - Is the default Streamlit server production grade? i.e can I just run my app from docker and deploy the container to the server? Or do I need to use another web server like Nginx?

  2. Secondly - Maybe quite a broad question, so I can understand if there isn’t a straightforward answer. Is the plan for Streamlit to become a full scale framework like R shiny or Plotly Dash (for example, adding multiple pages and more advanced widgets like tabs, toast, cards, dropdowns etc…)? Or is the plan to stay with the notebook format?

Just wanted to add that you’re doing incredible work with this!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Hi @harryallsopp28,

that sound like a great use case!

  1. Yes!! You can definitely spin up Streamlit on your own servers. You would only need Nginx etc. if you want more advanced features like HTTPS or proxy. We have a deployment guide for different solutions here. Also, you might be interested in Streamlit for Teams, which is our hosted service for companies (and includes things like HTTPS, deploying from private repos, viewer auth, secure data access, etc). It’s currently in private beta and you can sign up here.

  2. I’d say both! :wink: We will definitely add a lot of features to turn Streamlit into a more advanced framework but at the same time we aim to stay true to the approach of having everything in a simple Python script. We are already implementing cards, and multipage apps will come sometime later this year (right now we are doing a lot of backend stuff like session state or cache). Things like tabs, notifications, dialogs etc. are on our roadmap but no concrete dates yet. You can also always check out our public roadmap.

Let me know if you need more details or have some ideas for specific features we should add!

Cheers, Johannes


Thanks for the helpful & speedy response!

And wow, Streamlit is the gift that keeps on giving! I’ll definitely checkout Streamlit for Teams. And the roadmap looks really promising, I can envision this being an essential tool in the toolbelt of computational biologists like myself.

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey @harryallsopp28,

Also, enthusiastic community members have made a variety of components (think extensions for Streamlit) that allow you to have even more functionality for your apps! :hammer_and_wrench:

I stumbled across this new one today for multi-pages that you could use in the meantime:

Also, on our website, you can see a whole gallery of other components that might be useful for you. IN particular, I think you might like the 3dmol one by @Jose_Manuel_Muniz_Pe (if you haven’t already found it) :dna::

Also, I think there is a full list of components in a component tracker here on our Forum… @andfanilo you have that link somewhere… I cant put my mouse on it at the moment! :rofl:

Update: I found that link!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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Thanks for the heads up! It certainly looks like you have a thriving community. Are the components just JS ports with a python API for the Streamlit side?

I’ll definitely be checking out the molecule browser, thanks for the tip :wink:

I apologise if any of my questions are FAQ’s btw…

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