Streamlit set_page_config does not work


the function st.set_page_config does not do anything for my streamlit application, any clue on why this is happening? my streamlit version is 1.24.1

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

# LIM streamlit app for model visualizations and simulations

import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd
import os
from os.path import join
import time
import shutil
# import numpy as np
from engine.settings import DATA_DIR
from zipfile import ZipFile
model_dirs = None

    page_title="Model Configuration",

## upload lim model from the zip file----
st.markdown("# Upload Model File")
uploaded_file = st.file_uploader(":sparkle: Load your LIM models", type = 'zip')

def upload_model_data():
    # dump the file to data directory
    with ZipFile(uploaded_file, 'r') as zip_ref:
        zip_file_name = zip_ref.filename.replace('.zip', '')
        save_dir = join(DATA_DIR, zip_file_name)
        if os.path.exists(save_dir):
           shutil.rmtree(save_dir, ignore_errors=True)


    model_parent_dir = join(save_dir, 'model')
    list_dirs = {name:join(model_parent_dir, name) for name in os.listdir(model_parent_dir)}
    model_dirs = {name:path for name, path in list_dirs.items() if os.path.isdir(path)}
    return model_dirs

if uploaded_file is not None:
    model_dirs = upload_model_data()

if model_dirs is not None:
    # select model----
    st.markdown('# Choose Model')
    selected_model = st.selectbox('Select Model', options=list(model_dirs.keys()))

    if selected_model:
        run = st.button('Load Model')
        if run:
            st.session_state['load_model'] = True
            placeholder = st.empty()
            with placeholder.container():
                st.write('model is loaded!')

            st.session_state['selected_model_path'] = model_dirs[selected_model]


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Hi @elaine50596,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Streamlit Community forum!

What errors are you getting on your end? I ran your code and it seems to work:

Hi @tonykip , I am not getting any error, it is just that I am noticing the st.set_config_page does not apply the configs. For example I am expecting to see that the page Title name should be changed to ‘Model Configuration’, but instead I am seeing it shows the .py file name.

Hi @elaine50596,

Can you share a full screenshot that’s not cropped at the top?

One thing to look for – if one of your imports actually runs streamlit commands, that could interfere with st.set_page_config, since it needs to be the first command run in your app.

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