Streamlit Share -- Monitor traffic on your app

Hi Streamlit community,

Is there a way to view the traffic on my app that I have shared? I went to the “manage app” section on the lower left side but that doesn’t provide the visitor information.

Thanks for the help!

Hello @Yoda!

There’s an unofficial way using @jrieke 's awesome Streamlit-Analytics component. It does require you to edit your source code and the component is considered ‘alpha’. You could password-protect the analytics page by adding a secret key to your Streamlit Share deployment. Also you’ll also need to configure Firestore to store your analytics, otherwise they will get destroyed everytime you restart your app.

If this is a bit too much to handle, there may be a more official solution to view page views ‘soonish’, though maybe not through the Manage App tab. I don’t have much more ‘publicly available’ details for this, maybe Johannes will have more info :upside_down_face: .

  • How would you prefer to access/visualize this kind of information?

Happy Streamlit-ing
Fanilo :balloon:

Thank you for the quick reply!

The app that I built is not very serious, and more like a sandbox enjoyed by a handful of people. During one of our discussions, this topic came up. This doesn’t seem too intense, but I will probably wait for the official solution to be available. Thanks again, and have a great day!

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