Is there a way to monitor the traffic on your streamlit app?

Is there a way to monitor traffic on your app, I want to see if my dashboard is being viewed in my organization.

Hey @ira_bajpai,

There isn’t an official way of doing this, but we are considering adding this as a feature as it seems to be requested a fair amount. But I don’t have any time scales for you on that, yet! :speak_no_evil:

But there is a component that may help you do what you’re looking for! Check out this link:
Streamlit Share -- Monitor traffic on your app

Happy Streamlit-ing!


@ira_bajpai @Marisa_Smith
it is not difficult to do this.
if your app have two steps to finish some tasks.
you can add a function to record the app page view and operation history.

before your two steps:

your_name=st.text_input("please input your name")
if len(your_name)>0:
        your app step1 code put here
        your app step2 code put here
        the code of saving the name to your database put here
       st.warning("before start, you have to input your name first.")

follow this way, you can get the view and operation record of your organization from database, it is very convenient and fast.

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Hey @Marisa_Smith ,
That’s very insightful, thanks for the link!
Looking forward to having this as a feature :slight_smile:

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Hi @BeyondMyself ,
Perfect, Thanks! :smiley:

I second Streamlit Analytics by @jrieke I found it quite handy for what I needed.

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