Streamlit sharing: Error installing requirements

All of a sudden, my app doesn’t work any more: “Error installing requirements”.
Have you got an idea what’s going on ?
The only thing I’ve done is to upgrade Streamlit (0.80.0).
I’ve also cleared the cache of my Chrome browser.
But only 1 app is no longer working amongst the few I deployed.

Have a look in the logs, i am quite sure that there is an error message appearing somewhere.
Do you have a packages.txt in your app?
Same happened to me yesterday.
Deployment failed because some debian repos seems to be unavailable.
Today my app seems to work again partly.
But i think it has nothing to do with the streamlit version.
I suspect they are making changes to the streamlit sharing runtime quite often.
Which breaks things all the time.
But (for me) only those streamlit apps are affected which have a packages.txt file.
My streamlit apps without a packages.txt file are running stable on streamlit sharing.

Many thanks Franky !
packages.txt was the problem indeed !