Streamlit st.dataeditor is throwing error when we try to add new rows

Aim was to create an UI that talks to Postgres DB. I wanted to do Create or Update rows using the dataframe the data editor creates. The code was working fine earlier. now it throws error ::warning:" Error during cell creation.

This should never happen. Please report this bug.
Error: Error: Row index is out of range: 8"
Update to the existing rows are working fine. only creation of new records is causing trouble.
I wanted to add rows to the dataframe by setting num_rows = β€œdynamic” using the dataeditor widget. But currently it’s just throwing error whenever I try to add new record. Please help me fix this. I use the session.state to update the dataeditor to have the latest data.

The main function :
def main() β†’ None:

st.title("Create or Update Records")

# Check if the session state has already been initialized
if "edited_df" not in st.session_state:
    rows = run_query("SELECT * from table_dev.excel_test")
    data = to_df(rows)
    data.columns = [
    st.session_state.edited_df = data

edited_df_placeholder = st.empty()

# Display filtered data in data editor
edited_df = edited_df_placeholder.data_editor(

save_button_clicked = False
if st.button("Save Changes"):
    save_button_clicked = True
    updated_df = edited_df.copy()
    if updated_df.equals(st.session_state.edited_df):
        st.warning("No changes were made on UI.")
        for index, row in updated_df.iterrows():
            if row["status"] not in {
                "Not Started",
                "In Progress",
                    f"Invalid status value '{row['status']}' entered for the id:{row['id']}. Please enter one of these: 'Not Started', 'In Progress', 'Pending', 'Rejected', 'Done'."
                    f" Save to the database failed."
        with st.spinner("Saving changes to Database"):
                updated_df, st.session_state.edited_df
            st.session_state.edited_df = updated_df
            st.success("Database updated successfully.")

if st.button("Reload Latest Data"):
    with st.spinner("Reloading Latest Data..."):
        changes_detected, updated_data = check_for_changes(
        if changes_detected:
            st.session_state.edited_df = updated_data
            # Update filtered_df with the latest data

            filtered_df = st.session_state.edited_df
        # Update data editor with the latest filtered data
        st.success("Data reloaded successfully.")

Dependencies I have downloaded :
streamlit = β€œ^1.32.2”
mitosheet= {version= β€œ^0.1.566”}
pandas = β€œ^2.1.0”

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