Streamlit (st.date_input)

while using the (st.datetime) can we extend the limit of this .I mean now its showing only 10 years from the current date but I want to access all the years for D.O.B. column. Can any one help me?

There is no st.datetime and I don’t know what “D.O.B. column” is but yes, you can extend the limit of st.date_input. Try this:

import datetime

import streamlit as st

st.date_input("Date input",, month=12, day=31))
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Thanks @Goyo for your reply. D>O>B column means Date of birth. I want to access all the dates for this.

Hi @Navdeep_Kaur, st.date_input normally only allows a +/- 10-year range of dates (from the current date). But you can overcome that by clicking on the widget cell and moving with your arrow keys to manually change the year to greater/less than 10 years; same goes for month.

You could also petition Streamlit for a feature addition.


@Shawn_Pereira ok I will try this and thank you.:slight_smile: