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How can I create a cookie consent popup on my multi web streamlit site?

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I’ll try again and be more detailed. I am working on a site where I use both streamlit and st-paywall. But the thing is that due to legislation I need a confirmation from the user on the cookie consent pop up, so my question is… if I am using st-paywall where the login is using Google Oauth 2.0 + Stripe paywall do I not need a cookie confirmation from the logged in user? I’m also using session_state, doesn’t that tell me to get the user’s consent before doing so? :pray:

I am in the process of creating an app and these things scare me and I don’t know the answer to them, can anyone help me? Thank you in advance

st-paywall documentation: st-paywall

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Additional information I found related to cookies and the country I live in… the new law provides an exception where consent to the processing of cookies is not necessary - for so-called essential cookies (/strictly necessary cookies) that ensure the functioning of the website for the user.

In this case, can we say that Google Oauth and the Stripe payment gateway will fall under possibly necessary cookies?

Thank you in advance for any help :people_hugging:

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I hope someone will clarify this issue.

I would add, however, if I would theoretically change “gatherUsageStats = false” in config.toml settings, would it disable analytic (maybe other unnecessary) cookies by default?.. and thus my st-paywall website would work only with necessary cookies and I wouldn’t need this consent popup window.

Maybe I’m just thinking out loud while waiting for some professional help… :grinning:

Hi @jozi,

There’s a custom component for creating a popup modal called streamlit-modal – check it out here

Thank you Caroline for your reply,
but the problem is more complex, would you please take a look at: Streamlit+st-paywall: cookies policy - :balloon: Using Streamlit - Streamlit

Thank you! :pray:

Hi @jozi,

It sounds like the answer depends on the specifics of the laws in the country that you live in and unfortunately the Streamlit team is not able to provide legal advice.

The community might have thoughts to share, though

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