Streamlit Talk @ Bristech?

Hey there Streamlit Community,

I am wondering if this is the right channel for discussing meetups/talks about Streamlit.

My name is Nic (Hemley) and I run Bristech {meetup, conference} based in Bristol, UK.

I am intending to feature a talk on Streamlit at our December meetup event (Thurs 2nd December 2021)

The format is talk, Q+A then panel discussion (featuring relevant technical folk to discuss themes arising). The format has proven extremely popular during pandemic lockdown …

If interested, our past events can be viewed on our Youtube channel - Bristech - YouTube

We are on the lookout for both speaker and panellists for this event so if you would like to put yourself (or others!) forward, then do reply or email me on the address below.

Thanks so much!


nic at bris dot tech


Hi @Nic_Hemley -

Just commenting here to let people know that you and I have already communicated about this via a different channel :slight_smile:


Thanks @randyzwitch ! Appreciated. I am excited to feature Streamlit so will post a link to the talk once the details have been finalised. Thanks, Nic