Streamlit to work on my Synology NAS

Thank you for letting me use your sharering service. :pray:
However, I was unable to create a fourth app, so I had to find another way.

I was able to get streamlit to work on my Synology NAS. :wink:

  • Own domain
  • SSL (Let’s Encrypt, automatically renewed for 3 months)
  • Unlimited apps added (within NAS memory)
  • Super energy saving ( 24H , 30w )

The current NAS memory is 16 gigs, so it’s running very comfortably.

For reference streamlit hello app will run until the end of May.

Translated with (free version)

My NAS (model: Synology DiskStation DS918+ )

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@matzoka great stuff and very resourceful of you. I have a Synology too and would love to see your instructions on getting this running, please? I could help you put together a deployment guide and test the reproducibility.

Hi @asehmi.
I can help you if you like.

So, where should we start?

ps: Today, I used the same method to connect my Synology NAS to my Google Cloud , Compute Engine instance and it worked perfectly.

GCE Demo Site:

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure Amazon EC2 can be done easily as well.

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Could you list the steps you followed to create and deploy the Streamlit site to your Synology NAS and expose it on a public domain?

I was able to connect to your st demo app, but not to the GCE demo.

I understand. It will take some time.

I created the following document because I wanted to refer to the settings later myself.

It may be difficult to understand.

Note that there are some SynologyNAS models that cannot install streamlit.

Please follow the instructions from 1 to 3 in the document to determine if your model does not support streamlit before proceeding to 4 and 5.

The problematic part was the symptom that numpy could not be installed correctly.

I readjusted the GCE based on other users’ settings.
Maybe it will work correctly.

Hey @matzoka, I don’t have a Synology but just chiming in to say I love your mindmap tutorial, I brainstorm and organize in mindmap but never thought of chronologically describing steps like you did. What software did you use? (I’m not sure I can put this much details in freemind…)

Have a nice day,

Hi @andfanilo.

Here is the software.

help documents:

Have a nice day.

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This worked! Nice deployments.

Fantastic. If you don’t mind can you post your .mmap file too so I can load it into my MindManager app?

Many thanks!

It has been uploaded here.
Please use it.
They are both the same, but if there is a problem, we will find another way.

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Thank you!! And it opens fine in my 12 years old version of MM… you gotta love products with this kind of backwards compatibility.


Hi @asehmi

I’m glad you were able to use the files.

I was able to synchronize the github repository with SynologyNAS today.

github Webhook

SynologyNAS (Python http server)

Execute git pull (shell)

Sync streamlit app

Now I can finally move out of the share that I borrowed from streamlit.

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Very nice! Though I imagine for most people paying a few $$$ for a Streamlit share (when it is out of beta) or for Heroku, etc. will be much more convenient than setting up their own “private cloud”.

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You’re right.
It’s only for people who already have nas like synology.