Streamly - Streamlit AI Assistant


Streamly is an AI Assistant that was designed to supercharge the development experience with the Streamlit framework. It acts as an AI-infused sidekick, offering on-the-fly assistance :rocket:, code snippets :scissors:, and a deep dive into Streamlit’s rich api code. :test_tube:

Dynamic Features:

  • Interactive Chat Interface :speech_balloon:: Engage in a lively chat with Streamly, asking anything from simple how-tos to complex Streamlit queries. The assistant is equipped to understand and respond with pertinent information, making the interaction both enriching and delightful.
  • Code Snippet Wizardry :man_mage:: Streamly conjures up ready-to-use code snippets for common Streamlit scenarios. This magic is especially handy for beginners who are getting to grips with Streamlit and seasoned pros looking to expedite their code-writing spells.
  • Update Oracle :scroll:: Always in the loop, Streamly taps into the latest happenings of the Streamlit universe. Whether it’s a fresh release or a minor tweak, Streamly is your go-to source for the most recent and relevant Streamlit enlightenment.
  • A Personal Touch :art:: Decked out with custom CSS and the potential for further personalization, Streamly’s UI/UX shines, offering a user experience that’s both engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

Insightful Logic and Capabilities:

At the heart of Streamly lies a sophisticated AI engine :robot:, trained on a plethora of data, including the vast expanses of Streamlit’s documentation, forums, and community contributions. This training enables the assistant to understand context, maintain conversational flow, and provide accurate, context-aware advice.

Streamly’s backend is a creative use of session state management, providing Streamly with a memory, making for a consistent and coherent conversation for all your coding assistances :brain:.

With Streamlit’s caching mechanisms under the hood for performance optimization, and a comprehensive error handling protocol :hammer_and_wrench:, Streamly ensures a smooth sail through the sometimes choppy waters of coding challenges.

Streamly embraces the future with open arms, designed to be extensible and modular. The integration of LangChain adds for a fuller and seamless conversational experience, making it not just an assistant but a developer’s companion :handshake:.

In the vibrant world of Streamlit development, Streamly shines as a beacon of innovation and practicality. It’s not just an AI assistant; it’s a testament to the harmonious blend of human creativity and artificial intelligence, all wrapped up in a user-friendly package :gift:. Whether you’re a novice coder or a seasoned developer, Streamly is here to light up your coding journey with a spark of AI brilliance :sparkles:.


Hi @adielaine,

Thanks for this great application and example of Streamlit capabilities.

I’m also working on some project for this kind of application (currently testing the backend AI capabilities). I have test app a little bit, and it’s good. Still, it is not completely perfect, maybe due to my prompts, maybe due to AI capabilities, but it is really good.
Also love the way your app gives the feel. Your Logo and icons are really nice. :blush:
Which LLM did you used for this project?

Best regards,

Thank you. As far as what LLM did I use, I’ve integrated OpenAI API logic to use GPT-3.5-Turbo-0613. It can be easily expanded to use any LLM if desired. The Langchain logic was developed so the user can expand to include Claude or llama.

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Thanks for answer. Do you plan to further work on this app, and it’s features? :blush:
Maybe, you could add some kind of token or login, so that users don’t spend a lot of your’s money using the Stremly. :smiley: