Stuck on [client] Spinning up manager process

Hi there. I am a streamlit noob and I have no idea why the process gets stuck. Can anyone help? I am trying to deploy from the following github repo:

  • what is the error message?
  • which of the python files in your repo is the actual streamlit app?
  • try latest selenium version: selenium==4.1.3
  • try latest webdriver version: webdriver-manager==3.5.4
  • i am not sure, if the webdriver-manager will work flawlessly on streamlit cloud
  • search for “selenium” in the forum and you will find some helpful threads

See my github pull request.
Installation and run of selenium should work now on streamlit cloud, however, the webscraping itself fails, because an element is not found.

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@Franky1 thank you so much! I’ll check out (I deployed to Heroku in the meantime and there I seem to have no issue)