Unable to deploy app on streamlit with multithreading + web scraping

Hello, Im new to streamlit and I’m trying to deploy my app to streamlit cloud, I’m using multithreading and selenium. Locally it works with Google Chrome but deployed does not with Chromium (it takes a lot of time until some threads break).

Somebody could help me?

This is my public url: https://juanfrilla-magicseaweed-main-chromium-z85c9z.streamlit.app/

Have you seen this thread? There are a couple different code snippets for Selenium + Streamlit Cloud.

Yes, already saw it but I want to mix Multithreading + Selenium + Streamlit.

I still haven’t found anything that mix these 3 technologies combo.

My app is running deployed :wink:

My problem was that the html was different because the streamlit server is in a different region than where I am right now. So I adapted the scraper.

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