Support for CytoscapeJS

Hi Streamlit Team,

I am about to finish my master thesis in Bioinformatics and
stumbled above Streamlit on Medium - Not sure if I should ask here or on Github:

Is there any integration with CytoscapeJS planned in the near future?
Right now my web app is Plotly-Dash based + utilizing the Dash-Cytoscape Plugin
but I would love to rewrite it in Streamlit.

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Hi @IvoLeist - welcome to the community and congrats on finishing your thesis! Just looking at Cytoscape.js and that is a really interesting library. We do have support for GraphViz but I get you don’t necessarily want to change all of your chart types. While Cytoscape.js is not in the near future, I’m adding it as a feature request so you can track when it is integrated. Also we are thinking about our plugin architecture to make it possible for users to create their own plugins, so you could weigh in there as well. Best of luck on the masters and your app - would love to see it if you do end up making it in Streamlit!

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