Synchronizing dataview and figure with/via database?

Hi all, I’m interested in being able to select points on a figure and have it be reflected in a dataview, as well as make modifications in a dataview and have it be reflected in a figure.

I can do the latter workflow, but not sure how I would go about the first. I’ve also seen some things about embedding observable plots, or dash

Also, Streamlit’s top-to-bottom run sequence seems like it would make this kind of workflow hard.

Thanks for any advice!

Any advice would be helpful!

hi ! can you share any more details over your topic , or any source code or resource ? it seems you have questioning about how to sync realtime data with streamlit, it will awesome if you can share more details like database and function for now you go with this database connectivity docs

any question plz feel free to ask !

Thanks! I don’t have any code – I’m still trying to conceptualize how one might do this. All I know is that I don’t know how to make an interactive figure (e.g. plotly) interact with/modify a dataframe (or a database – I haven’t worked with databases before)

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