Tab names are not rendering correctly when switching between pages

I have an options menu (streamlit_option_menu) to switch between different pages in my app and I have st.tabs in some of the pages. But sometimes when I switch between pages, the tab names don’t change or only change partially. How to fix this? Maybe Streamlite automatically caches the tab names and doesn’t count the clicks on the option menu buttons?

    if choose == 'Page 1':
        st.write('Page 1')

        tab1, tab2, tab3 = st.tabs(['Tab 1', 'Tab 2', 'Tab 3'])
        with tab1:
            st.write('Tab 1')
        with tab2:
            st.write('Tab 2')
        with tab3:
            st.write('Tab 3')

    if choose == 'Page 2':
        st.write('Page 2')

        tab4, tab5, tab6 = st.tabs(['Tab 4', 'Tab 5', 'Tab 6'])
        with tab4:
            st.write('Tab 4')
        with tab5:
            st.write('Tab 5')
        with tab6:
            st.write('Tab 6')

It seems the problem was due to some of the Chrome extensions.
With extensions stopped it works fine, I also tried with mobile Chrome and Edge - no problems with st.tabs

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