Table data on streamlit facing problem on download as pdf


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df = data.to_dict(orient=“records”)
def convert_csv_to_pdf(df):
pdf = FPDF()
pdf.set_font(“Arial”, size = 12)

# Add data to PDF
for row in df:
    pdf.cell(200, 10, f"Organ: {row['organ.']}", ln=True)
    pdf.cell(200, 10, f"Month: {row['month']}", ln=True)
    pdf.cell(200, 10, f"Room Category: {row['Room Category']}", ln=True)
    pdf.cell(200, 10, f"RM Nights: {row['RM Nights']}", ln=True)
    pdf.cell(200, 10, f"Revenue: {row['Revenue']:.2f}", ln=True)
    pdf.cell(200, 10, f"ARR: {row['ARR']:.2f}", ln=True)

Convert CSV data to PDF

if st.button(“Generate PDF”):

    st.success("PDF generated successfully!")

st.download_button(label=“Download PDF”, data=“data.pdf”, file_name=“data.pdf”)
this code and its download pdf but not show data showing something went wrong how to resolve this.

Hi @kush_shukla

Looking through your code, it seems you have not defined mime parameter in the st.download_button. Please refer to the following example code snippet:

import streamlit as st

with open("dummy.pdf", "rb") as pdf_file:
    PDFbyte =


The above snippet is from this forum post: Download PDF option - #2 by andfanilo

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