Table Editor Prototype

Hello guys!

Recently I built an app for an internal client using streamlit. One of the requirements was the possibility to edit the cells of the inputed data.

So I implemented this prototype of an editable Table and it worked very well for that project.

Gist link:

I made use of the SessionState() class from to save and sync the state of the data.

I’m in love with Streamlit. It is an amazing framework and it fits really well the creation of data POCs or even fully functional data apps.

I hope you can make use of this prototype.

Feel free to contribute!


Hey @ruberthbarros,

Thanks so much for sharing and welcome to the Streamlit Community!:partying_face::tada:

This is a pretty cool template, and I took a look at your code and it really clean and easy to read! :heart_eyes:

The next time I make an app, I will see if it could be a good use case for your table! :thinking:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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