Talk on Streamlit vs Bokeh and Streamlit custom component development ( memes included 😉)

Hey guys !

I was asked to give a talk on Emerging trends in data centric application development to CS Students in a college, I thought nothing is better than Streamlit for this ! So I just gave a talk covering comparison between Bokeh and Streamlit and Walked them through developing a custom component and publishing it ( streamlit-location - get gelocation data). I hope it will help in spreading the word and will make more people aware about this awesome library and community. :slight_smile:

The content delivered in the talk is at this repo, hope you guys will enjoy the memes and content ! :laughing:

EDIT: Thanks @andfanilo for the awesome tute on component dev , I have shared that as a reference for component dev.


Definitely read all of it for the memes :rofl: thanks for the share :slight_smile:

:upside_down_face: yup, I fully support this

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