Thanksgiving competition submission: gif's and emoji's!

Hey Everyone! :wave:

With only a couple of days until the Win your Turkey Dinner Contest! I wanted to show you all what I have been working on!

This is just a fun little app that lets you pick from a set of either gif’s or emoji’s (more like thanksgiving themed images, as some of them are a bit too big to be emoji’s! :sweat_smile:) and click a button to download them to share with others!

Check out my app here!

Happy Thanksgiving and Streamlit-ing!! :turkey::turkey::partying_face::partying_face:


Found my fav:



Haha! Love that one!

Hey, can I use your code to make the user be able to download an apk file ?

Hey @Shivam_purbia!

Absolutely, cause its not my code it’s actually code that I borrowed from our amazing community!!! :nerd_face: :two_hearts: :partying_face:

It was posted by @GokulNC in this thread:

Happy Streamlit-ing!