The native app's Streamlit version is 1.22, while the Snowflake Python worksheet indicates version 1.26. Is this difference expected, and can we update the Streamlit version in the native app?

Native app version of streamlit is 1.22 and Snowflake python worksheet version says 1.26. is this expected can we also update the streamlit version used in Native app

Hi @Naresh_Kumar,

The Snowflake Native App Framework currently supports version 1.22.0 of Streamlit. I believe 1.26 is expected to be supported by the Native App Framework in the next few months (unfortunately I don’t have a more exact date).

Thank you, Caroline, for your reply. We are currently experiencing limitations due to being more than 9 versions behind the latest version. As a result, some useful features are disabled in Snowflake. While we acknowledge the capabilities of Streamlit, we are unable to utilize it at the moment, which is a cause for concern. We hope that Snowflake will expedite the update process to address these issues soon.

There are rumors circulating that Snowflake is slow in implementing upgrades.

Hey @Naresh_Kumar,

If you reach out to your Snowflake account executive, they should be able to get you access to the private preview of 1.26 for native apps.

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Thank you.

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