🏢 The Office Chatbot (using GPT-3)

I used OpenAI’s (no longer waitlisted) API for GPT-3 to create an Office Chatbot where you (Jim) can talk to Dwight Schrute.

I deployed it using streamlit cloud here: Dunder Mifflin Rabies Awareness Chatbot for The Cure

And here’s the Git repo: GitHub - parker84/office-chat-bot

Now working again :slight_smile:
I’ve adding caching so it’s cheaper, and handled the rate limit error that was coming up before.

Something is wrong! I’m sure he saw one last year!

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@Vitaly_Pankratov Lol, True!
Feel free to make a PR into the repo to add this info into the prompt if you’d like Virtual Dwight to know that :slight_smile: