The problem of not being able to change the background color, thickness and position of the texts in the Streamlit Multiple Page App's Side Bar

Streamlit Version: 1.13.0


import streamlit as st

        page_title= "Multipage App",

st.title("Main Page")

st.markdown('<style>div[class="css-6qob1r e1fqkh3o3"] {color:black; font-weight: 900; background: url("");background-repeat: no-repeat;background-size:350%;} </style>', unsafe_allow_html=True)

st.markdown('<style>div[class="css-y3drt2 e1fqkh3o5"] {color:red; } </style>', unsafe_allow_html=True)#NOT WORKING-------------------------------------------

I want to change the color, font, and position of the Homepage, Application, and Contact texts. How do I do this? Is it possible?

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Hey @murat_tasci,

I’d recommend checking out this thread – it covers the general process you would want to follow to add CSS to style these specific elements.