The Ungifted Amateur's Guide to ❄️ Snowflake

I’m excited to share this app with all Snowflake fans!

I have been using Snowflake on a daily basis for the past couple of years, and I absolutely enjoy every minute I spend on the platform. I am also passionate about building Streamlit apps and have developed some fun projects in the past. Today, I’m happy to share my latest project with you: my personal Snowflake cheat sheet. Rather than building a mundane document, I’ve decided to create this cheat sheet as an interactive wonderland powered by the magic of Streamlit. After all, what better way to make a cool interactive cheat sheet than by harnessing the power of Streamlit? :snowflake::handshake::balloon:

I use this cheat sheet for my own work regularly, and I hope it will help you unlock the full potential of Snowflake in your awesome data projects as well.

:open_book: Read the full companion blog post here:

:link: check out the cheat sheet here:


:magic_wand: Special Easter eggs are waiting in the blog post for Hogwarts residents! :mage:


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