This is my first project as data science intern

The project is on Measuring the Productivity of Construction labour like who is doing productive work and who is doing non-productive or skipping the work

Real Challenge is that before splitting the data x=columns i have taken
X = Age, Gender, galvanic Skin Response Sensor , skin Temperature Sensor , blood Volume Pulse , Respiration Rate Sensor , Heart Rate Sensor, Motion Sensor

Y = Performance/Output

and Spliiting into train_test_split
in which train_size=0.80, and test_size=0.20

and Model Building to know the Test Accuracy
and those are the test accuracies

|3|Decision Tree|0.982143|
|4|Random Forest|0.946429|
|2|Support Vector Machine|0.857143|
|1|logistic regression|0.821429|
|7|Naive Bayes Classifier|0.732143|

in which taking the decision tree Classifier model becoz it is giving the best accuracy and
Dumping it into joblib file

i Don’t know how to create the
for deploying the app

Hey @suraj_veggalam,

Thanks for posting! Can you elaborate a bit more on your question? Have you already created a Python file?

Yes i have created the python file

Great! Can you clarify your question?

Can you create me the

@suraj_veggalam The Python file is the “” in this case – are you having trouble renaming the file?

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