This subdomain contains profanity. Please provide an alternative subdomain. I think this is a mistake

Hi Team,

When I first created my streamlit app I was assigned this url [Preformatted text]( Now this app has broken but I have shared the link with lots of friends for public use. So either I take the subdomain and give it to a replication of the app which is working or I try to replace the link everywhere. I would like to give the subdomain to the working replica but when I try to do this, I receive the following message

This subdomain contains profanity. Please provide an alternative subdomain. Think this is a mistake? Shoot us a message on the forum. :balloon:

This is not correct, although analyser has a troublesome component.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @SeppWolfrich, and welcome to our Community!

I’ve passed this behavior on to our Community Cloud devs for further review.

We’ll keep you posted asap.

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The error that you are encountering must have been due to some of the characters represent profanity. However, a simple solution may be to do a link redirect in the original app to the replica app.

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Hi dataprofessor,

Thanks a lot for your reply. The issue is with the word “analyser”, as it contains a problematic sub-string.
I like your idea. Do you happen to know a smooth way of doing this so that the redeirect is seamless, rather than adding a textbox with the new link?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Charly_Wargnier ,

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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This is currently being investigated.

Thank you for your patience.



There’s a forum post showing how using either a HTML + st.markdown and another using a component switch_page method:

Hey Team,

so everything seems to be working again and streamlit is able to connect with my github hosted script. So, for now all si working again. Hopefully it stays that way.
Thanks a lot!

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