Time duration for the invite

Hello dear friends,

I just signed up for Streamlit sharing . How long do you have to typically wait for the streamlit.io invite email? Could some one from the community help me in getting the invite?

Thank you

I think there is a lot of interest and the wait time is a few weeks now. I signed up a week ago and still waiting. You have to wait for the developers to send the invite.

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Hi @Xuzhicheng931205,

First, welcome to the Streamlit Community! :tada: :star2: :partying_face: :partying_face:

@aezzati is correct in this. We are up to a few weeks because the Sharing platform is in high demand right now. :tada:

We are scaling up the number of people we invite as fast as absolutely possible, as to not cause any problems with the quality of our platform (it is a delicate balance!). :balance_scale:

It is hard to pinpoint exactly when you will receive your invite (since we are ramping up the number of invites!), but I would expect a minimum of 2 weeks.

Hope this helps set an expectation on the timeline for you!
Happy Streamlit-ing!

Hi, Marisa_Smith,
Thanks for your response, is there another solution to speed up this process because it is very urgent for me now?