How much average time it takes to get invite after Signing Up to Streamlit?

I am New to Streamlit & Signed up yesterday. But, I need to deploy my app immediately on the Web but it is showing a queue. Can anyone please tell me what is the average time it takes to approve & get an invite from Streamlit?

It will only take a few days. Be patient, it’s the weekend and the Streamlit team is also allowed to have a break.


Recently, the queue has been roughly 1 business day. On occasion, when there have been large spikes in sign-ups, it can take a few business days. We are exploring auto-approval of sign-ups, but while we’re in beta, we’re still monitoring traffic/server performance pretty closely.


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I signed up about one month ago to get an invite to the app but I still have not heard back so I’m curious why others are getting theirs in a few days. Should I try and sign up again? Maybe my invite got lost.

Hey @Donna,

I received your email this morning and replied! Just in case you check here first:

"So glad you reached out! It’s definitely not supposed to take that long to get your invite. In fact, our system says that you were sent your invite nearly a month ago (28 days actually).

I am sending you out a new invite just in case BUT you should be fine to visit and log in with your Github account "

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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Yes, I got that email. Thank you so much for all the help!

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