My app (https://ask-my-pdf.streamlit.app/) is experiencing a lot of timeouts while connecting to the Digital Ocean servers located in the US. When I run my app locally there are no networking issues (and I’m connecting from Europe).

Can anyone help me with this?

Hey @kerbal,

Can you share any additional details about how you’ve deployed the app?

Hi @Caroline.

The app is deployed in the Streamlit Community Cloud from this github repo:
GitHub - mobarski/ask-my-pdf: Question answering system for PDF files (main branch). It connects to S3-like object store and Redis DB hosted in the Digital Ocean cloud (US servers). Connection parameters are passed via the “secrets” tab and accessed via environmental variables. What other information should I provide?

Hey @kerbal, sorry I misunderstood – I thought you meant you had deployed the app on Digital Ocean. It’s possible that you might need to allow-list Streamlit Community Cloud’s stable outbound IP addresses in your Digital Ocean settings.