TimePSW is an engaging game designed to simulate a side-channel attack inspired by a vulnerability discovered in Apple’s M1 and M2 chips. By analyzing the response time between requests, it is possible to determine various parameters. This game attempts to replicate that behavior, challenging players to guess a randomly generated password based on timing information alone.

Rules :spiral_notepad:

  • The length of the password varies between 10 and 15 characters.
  • The password is composed of UPPER CASE, lower case, and numbers.
  • Length is the first parameter analyzed.
  • Your only clue… time… :watch:

The objective of this game is to highlight and educate about the concept of timing attacks, where the time taken to process data can inadvertently reveal sensitive information. Through this game, players can experience how seemingly insignificant timing differences can be used to infer critical details, echoing the real-world implications of such vulnerabilities in modern hardware.


Come play :wink: