Trouble instaling sklearn for pickle / joblib models

I am getting the errors:

ERROR: Failed building wheel for scikit-learn
Failed to build scikit-learn

ERROR: Could not build wheels for scikit-learn, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects

when referencing a model in my repo
ex: pickled_model = pickle.load(open(‘model.pkl’, ‘rb’))

this is what my requirements.txt file looks like:

any tips? Thanks in advance!

Hey @dec1costello , thanks for posting …

this is your repo i guess
Few changes will work for you…

Use updated version of scikit-learn, streamlit, pandas
Modified requirements.txt:


Further improvements in code to resolve other internal errors:

Modified at line no 40:

pred = pickled_model.predict(df)

As previously final_vars is not defined in code.

I think this will work for you now…
Here is the forked version of your app deployed on my server

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