Troubles with st.number_input inside st.beta_expander


I’m using streamlit for several weeks now, and this is really an awesome project!

Lately, I’m trying to organize my controls inside the sidebar by using the beta_expander component and I find that the st.number_input reinitialize every time I hit the - and then + button of the expander. This doesn’t affect the slider or listview for example neither does it throw an event.

Did I missed something regarding the expander component?

I removed it at this moment but I would love to use it in this case :slight_smile:

Thanks !!

Hi Vinivici,

Welcome to the community!!

It does not sound like you missed anything, but you ran into a bug which is also filed as an issue on GitHub - so the Streamlit team is aware and hopefully it will be fixed in a coming version :slight_smile:

Thank you PeterT !