Trying to contain a chart inside st.expander

Dear community

I’m trying to put a chart inside st.expander. There seems to be an issue when you put a chart inside st.expander.

Everything is fine when you run it from your local computer, but when the app is deployed on streamlit cloud, you see chart cut-out bits on your right. It doesn’t show that chart in full.

I’ve attached a photo of the issue.

So far, I’ve resized the chart at multiple width, again it runs nicely when you’re running it from local computer but then again from the cloud, you get cut out bits again.

Left side of the chart is good, its just the right side.

Can’t seem to work out why.

Hi @horasio, and welcome to our Community forum! :raised_hands:

Would it be possible to share the app and the code so we can investigate, please?