Unable to connect to Streamlit server

My app (https://share.streamlit.io/alalalalaki/econ-paper-search/main/Code/app.py) used to work well but now suddenly does not connect to Streamlit server. It says “Failed to process a Websocket message (RangeError: index out of range: 54 + 10 > 54)”.

Update: I reboot the app and it now works again. But I am afraid that this problem will occur again after a while. Can anyone give some response on this?

Also I find a correlated problem is that each time when there is some problem about the app and then fixed, the user would need to clean their cookie to make the app work again. Is there any way to circumvent this?

Update2: This happens again after I update the app.

@Alalalalaki Your streamlit app loaded for me. I didn’t test out the widgets though. Try clearing your cash and reloading your browser and/or restarting your computer.

Thank you for your response. I find the exact problem is that each time I update the code and push to github, it first works well but then after a while this error happens. If I reboot the app, it then works again but I need to clearing cash and reloading, which is really troublesome.