Unable to open video camera in streamlit cloud

Here is the image of the logs after deploying my streamlit app on streamlit cloud.
I am building an app for realtime emotion recognition using webcam.
The app works fine when i run it locally. But the webcam is unable to open when running the app on streamlit cloud.
If anybody can please help me in solving the issue… it would be really appreciated…
I am using streamlit == 1.4.0 and streamlit webrtc == 0.34.1

Here is the link of the code for the app deployed - fer-app/app.py at branch-1 · SuhasTantri/fer-app · GitHub

Here is the streamlit cloud link - https://share.streamlit.io/suhastantri/fer-app/branch-1/app.py

Thanks in advance!


streamlit webrtc works well on your local setup but has issues when deploying on the cloud try using heroku to deploy your app and see if the problem still persist, which i think the error may still occur.

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Thank you for the response @seyirex .
I have tried deploying the app in heroku as well.
The same problem happens in heroku also…

The issue about it is Connection is shutdown and errors appear in some network environment · Issue #552 · whitphx/streamlit-webrtc · GitHub

It’s still not fixed. Please be patient.

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However, from my experience, this error occurs in some specific network environments.
For example, the app works well when I use my home network, but it fails when tethering.
My hypothesis is that there is some problem derived from the network such as connection failure, and it leads to the error log somehow.
What if you try using another network?


Thank you for the response…I will try it

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I am facing similar issues when trying to deploy my app. Were you able to solve it ?
If yes, please help me fix the error in mine.