Unable to reboot streamlit app

My app has been throwing error. I am unable to reboot as the option is disabled. The app was deployed from my github repo 6 months ago and it was working all this while.

  1. AppLink: https://learnsmart.streamlit.app/
  2. GitHub repository - GitHub - kirtisubs06/LearnSmart-Tutoring-App: LearnSmart is an AI-powered tool for math and english skill-building.
  3. I am unable to view any logs. There is no link to manage app. The only thing I see is the following error:
    Error running app. If this keeps happening, please contact support.
  4. streamlit==1.23.1, Python

Hi @Kirti_Subramanian

If the app is linked to your GitHub account, the manage app option should be displayed. Could you check to see if your GitHub account containing the repo that was used in deploying the app is associated with your Community Cloud account.

Thank you so much @dataprofessor for the prompt reply. Yes it is linked. My streamlit community cloud account is created via my gmail account and my github account is associated to my community cloud account. Only this app has this issue. I have another app, in the same github and community cloud account and that does not have this issue. I also see that the workspace name kirtisubs06 exactly matches my github account name.

@dataprofessor Just to give some additional context, I am a high school senior and I built this app for my tutoring business and I have showcased this in my college applications by providing the link to the app. So I am kind of anxious to get this app link working so that the college admissions officer can check it out. I would really appreciate a quick turnaround on this. If the app cannot be enabled what are my options? Since the app link is already published in the college applications I am unable to republish the app with another URL. So I will need to get the current app URL working. Also, I am able to bring up the app in my local without any issues. Thanks again for your help.

Hi @Kirti_Subramanian

To help you resolve this as soon as possible and get the app up and running, I’ve rebooted the app on your behalf and it is running successfully now.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for the timely help @dataprofessor. I am finally able to open the app which is a great relief. I also noticed that I am able to see the app only when I sign into streamlit community cloud via my gmail account (with view only access). When I sign in using my github account, the app doesn’t show up, which is probably the reason I am seeing that the settings are disabled. Is there a way tor me to access the settings in the current set up? The app was created through the code from my github account, just that it was deployed using my gmail account. It is a little confusing for me to get this straight. When I try to login into streamlit community cloud it gives me both the options - sign in via google or github, but I had no clue that signing in via the google account has this undesirable side effect. Is there a way I could do something to get the settings enabled? Thanks again for your help.

Hello @dataprofessor, is it possible to resolve this disabled settings issue? I need to reboot the app again. I pushed a change to the github repo and the app doesn’t reflect the change. My app is now clearly linked to my github account and my email account correctly. Thanks again for your help.

@Kirti_Subramanian once do manual reboot from manage app pane which is located at bottom right of your app .

Happy Streamlit-ing :balloon:

That option does not even show up. I think something is wrong with the deployment of the app due to which settings, reboot options are disabled and when the app comes up the management pane also doesn’t show up.


In the meantime, can you reboot the app for me? I pushed some changes to the github repo and those changes are not taking into effect.


It can be done by you in your app dashboard

That is the issue with it. When I go to the dashboard all options except analytics are disabled. So I am unable to reboot the app at all. Attached is the screenshot.


Have you changed your git hub account name??

Hi @Kirti_Subramanian

I agree with @Guna_Sekhar_Venkata that your Community Cloud account needs to be linked to your GitHub account. Can you ensure that.

Here are the relevant Docs page:

Can you try deploying the same app to a new domain name and if you need to use the old subdomain name, let me know and I can delete the app on your behalf so that you can then rename your new app to the same subdomain name.

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