Unable to select organisation github repository for deployment

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Have you tried switching workspaces? Manage your app - Streamlit Docs


I can only see one workspace which is linked to my Github account. I cannot see a workspace for the Organisation. The repository is under the organisation.

How do I add a second workspace for the organisation?

Hi @mjo, please shoot us an email at support@streamlit.io and we’ll get this resolved for you. cc @Caroline

I just want to summarise the solution in case it can help others -

  • If the repository is under an Organisation in Github, then Streamlit needs to be given access to that Organisation as well and not just the user account of the person trying to deploy the app.
  • There needs to be at least one public repository inside the Organisation for Streamlit to establish a connection at the time of deployment on Streamlit Cloud. The app that is being deployed can itself be in a separate private repository. The support team mentioned that once deployment has been completed, this public repository can be deleted, but I have not tested this point.
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@mjo thanks so much for writing this up! A follow-up question –

If the repository is under an Organisation in Github, then Streamlit needs to be given access to that Organisation as well and not just the user account of the person trying to deploy the app.

How does one do this? (I am probably overlooking something that should be clear to me – thanks!)

Giving Streamlit access to the Organisation can only be done by the person who owns the Organisation in Github. When you try to connect your Github account to Streamlit, the authentication request page that appears also has an option to request access to the Organisation your account belongs to (it is possible to miss it). In case you missed it, you can delink your Github account from Streamlit and repeat the process. Once you click on the button to request access to the Organisation for Streamlit, the owner will receive an email and they can approve the request.

Thanks @mjo ! I’m still not seeing the relevant options but will ping the support folks to see if we can resolve.

OK I managed to get this to work by asking another owner of the github org to authenticate and grant org access. That said, @snehankekre this was a bit of a winding road. Here’s what did not work –

  1. A colleague made me an owner of our github org. I then went to streamlit settings, attemped to disconnect and reconnect my github account. However, I was not prompted to authorize streamlit’s access to the org.

  2. A colleague who is an owner of the org created their own streamlit account. They were prompted to authorize access to the github org and did so. When they attempted to create the streamlit app they received an error indicating that they were in the wrong workspace and needed to switch using the menu in the upper right. However, clicking their avatar did not reveal an option for a separate workspace.

That said, after step 2 I reattempted to create the app, received the same message about switching workspaces, and was able to do so. So, success in the end!

We have been totally unable to get Streamlit Cloud to ask to authorize an organization. Org owner, and non-owners, have created Streamlit accounts. Connected and disconnected from GitHub. Nothing has triggered the prompt to authorize the org.

Any help will be appreciated.

We’re having the same problem, and the solutions mentioned earlier haven’t worked out for us, so any help would be great.

@matipina do you have any public repos in the organization? and are you an owner of the GitHub org?

@Caroline I do! The repo that we’re trying to work with is currently public, and I’m not the owner myself, but when an owner tries to do it, they are just not seeing the option to change workspace. Any ideas?

@matipina Has the owner of the organization granted permission to Streamlit to access the GH org?

Same problem here. I am also the organization owner and I am unable to figure it out how to grant permission to Streamlit.

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It finally worked for me - I am not 100% what I did, but basically I deleted the app from my personal GIT account, logged in to my organisation GITHUB account, then log out completely from steamlit and tried to login again via my github account. Then, finally it’s asked me to authorise my organization Githib account, and I managed to see it in the workspaces.

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Hi! My organization granted permission to Streamlit to access GH org but I can’t switch to my org workspace to deploy my app anyway, what should I do? (and the repo is public)
Thank you in advance!

How can I grant permission? I’m the owner of the organization too.

Option 1

If you have already granted Streamlit access to your personal account and you are authorized to grant access for an organization:

  1. Open GitHub, click your profile in the upper right hand corner, select Settings
  2. Select Applications in the left navigation menu
  3. Select the Authorized OAuth Apps tab
  4. Find the official Streamlit app and click Streamlit
  5. You will see a Grant button at the bottom for your organizations

Option 2

Revoke access to your personal account if already granted. Then, when you sign back in to Streamlit Share and are prompted to authorize, check the boxes for your organization(s) at the bottom in the dialog.


Is it possible for a organization owner to give access for an individual employees streamlit to only a single repo of an organization in place of all the repo?

This should be possible, but it also probably depends on how your GitHub organization is set up – I’d recommend checking with your organization owner