Update on Teams

Is there any update on the release of Teams? Also, is there any chance I can be added to the Beta? I had signed-up a little while ago but never heard any follow-up.

My team is very excited about the prospect of using Streamlit as an internally hosted app but there are a number of security and infra concerns. I’m hoping that Teams addresses them and we can push forward with a plan on using it more broadly.


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Hey @kotte,

Thanks for reaching out - the community addition beta is now actively being tested in closed beta and we can definitely get you added in. Streamlit for Teams with the enterprise features like authentication, logging, and auto-scaling is getting closer and we should have more info soon.

Grabbed your email from the sign-up sheet and we’ll reach out with more info including the getting started docs tomorrow morning. We’d also love to hear more about your security and infra concerns/requirements.

Hope your week has been going well!


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