Update on Teams

Is there any update on the release of Teams? Also, is there any chance I can be added to the Beta? I had signed-up a little while ago but never heard any follow-up.

My team is very excited about the prospect of using Streamlit as an internally hosted app but there are a number of security and infra concerns. I’m hoping that Teams addresses them and we can push forward with a plan on using it more broadly.


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Hey @kotte,

Thanks for reaching out - the community addition beta is now actively being tested in closed beta and we can definitely get you added in. Streamlit for Teams with the enterprise features like authentication, logging, and auto-scaling is getting closer and we should have more info soon.

Grabbed your email from the sign-up sheet and we’ll reach out with more info including the getting started docs tomorrow morning. We’d also love to hear more about your security and infra concerns/requirements.

Hope your week has been going well!


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My company is also interested in the Teams product (for auth integration and a managed directory of Streamlit apps). I signed up for the beta but haven’t heard back on any progress. I’d love to get access soon, and to tell you more about your intended use case if that helps.



My team would also be interested in this. Can I be added to the community beta as well?


Waiting for the Streamlit for teams. How can we be added to the community beta?

Hello @tc1,

Very excited to help out testing Streamlit teams beta.

We are a YCombinator company that are using Streamlit to provide a dashboard to our customers.

Trying the beta would be a good check for us to make sure we don’t have to switch away from it due to current issues we are having with our current “hacked together” Streamlit authentication solution :slight_smile:


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Hey @Anton_Osika and welcome to the community :wave:t3:,

Would love to discuss more - did you sign up on the waitlist for Streamlit for Teams? If so, we’ll grab your email from it to reach out!

Did it now, couldn’t find it before! Looking forward to hearing more @tc1

Hi @tc1 and happy holidays!

I haven’t seen anything in my inbox. Could you check if someone followed up on this?

(Also the signup link I shared seems to be broken since I haven’t gotten a beta invite from it after people used it…)


Please, please add me to the beta testing for streamlit teams.

I have been struggling to get an web application running for weeks.


Hi @tc1 , we are an e-commerce company, I am very interested in the Streamlit enterprise product to build internal data science applications in house. I would love to test use the beta version and help provide meaningful feedback to improve the product. I believe I joined the mailing list already. tzhang@parachutehome.com is my work email which I used in the mailing list. Thanks for your time and help!