Upgraded to 1.0. What happened to `st.caching.clear_cache()?`


In version 0.88, I had in my code a place where I wanted to force a cache reset. I did this with st.caching.clear_cache().

I’ve since upgraded to 1.0 and changed my @st.cache decorators to @st.experimental_memo decorators and st.caching.clear_cache() no longer works. is this because of upgrade to 1.0 or change to experimental_memo?

Any help to force cache clear in 1.0?

Hi @ryanlampkin,

st.caching.clear_cache() no longer works because of both the reasons you cite. To force a cache reset with v.1.1.0, use st.legacy_caching.clear_cache().

I’ve verified that it clears both disk cache and memory cache created by @st.experimental_memo.

Best, :balloon:

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I have the same pb and on my side, st.legacy_caching.clear_cache() seems not clear cache created by @st.experimental_memo. Did I miss something ?

Thanks for your help

I can’t clear either with this command, appreciated any hint. thanks