Publish my component in the Streamlit gallery

Hi, I recently created a Streamlit component that others might find useful too.
Could you publish it in the Streamlit component gallery?

Name: Streamlit Navigation Bar
Category: Page navigation


Hi @Caroline,

I saw in this other forum post that you were able to help publish the component in the gallery. Could you perhaps help me do the same?

Hey @gabrieltempass,

The Streamlit gallery is now dynamically generated, so apps are automatically added based on the number of views they receive. Unfortunately that means I can’t manually add your app, but if it receives a lot of views, it will get added automatically.

Hey @Caroline,

Thanks for the answer! I thought that only the App Gallery was dynamically generated. Is the Component Gallery too? If so, I have several questions hahaha

How do you choose whether an app should go to the App or the Component Gallery or both (assuming it has enough views)?

Also, I published seven demo apps for the Streamlit Navigation Bar component. To exemplify broad and specific topics of its documentation. Will the views of these apps be combined to analyze if it meets the threshold to enter the Gallery? Or what counts is the one that has the most views?

Is the number of views the best metric to automatically populate the Components Gallery? I think the total number of downloads in PyPI has a much higher correlation with the importance of the component for the Streamlit community.

For example, I made a quick search in the Page Navigation category of the Component Gallery and found at least three components that have less PyPI total downloads, GitHub stars and dependents than mine.

Package Downloads Stars Dependents
streamlit-navigation-bar 12,726 51 38
streamlit-superapp 11,239 51 22
streamlit-router 4,919 28 6
multipage_streamlit 3,922 14 0

They are highlighted in red below:

I know I asked a lot of questions hahaha
But I’m just trying to learn how to best share my contributions with the community.
Thanks for your help again!