Uploading Files over 50MB

Hi all,

Is there any way to upload files larger than 50mb?


Hi @vnguyendc,

There is a config option, server.maxUploadSize, that you can set to change the max upload size amount in MB. You can set this either when you run streamlit or in a config.toml file.

To set this when you run streamlit:

streamlit run your_script.py --server.maxUploadSize=1028

(See other configuration options here.)

Caution: The maxUploadSize of 50MB was set to try to ensure a good working experience with Streamlit. So you can set this limit arbitrarily high, but we can’t make any guarantees about how well the Streamlit app will work for you.

The files are stored in your own browser’s memory, so the browser computer’s management of memory regulates how well the application will run given larger files.

Thanks for using Streamlit! Let us know about any and all file uploader issues as you work with it; it’s a very new feature and we’re already working on some enhancements in response to user feedback.