Urgent need

Hey hi my precious developer, My friends are in the final semester, they need to submit the final year project within two days, they asked me to build a project…
I don’t have time to build that, I’m a fellow developer, they give a title “Online real estate management system”. where people can register and buy or rent the properties. The language should be python, it is good if it is flask or Django, so guys please I need your help… and kindly help to setup the project also…
I hope Ill get a positive response from here. Thankyou

If your friends are in their final semester and can’t do the project by themselves, maybe they should learn one more year or start working earlier?
If you really want to help them, don’t code for them, learn them rather project planification :smiley:

To help a minimum, did they at least design the features and securities?
Example given : one wants to sell his neighbour’s house because there is a kind of “cold war” between them : at least the system should need a check to confirm the person who wants to sell the house is the owner of this house?
Another example : will the sales and rentings be recorded into a database? If yes, is there a feature to allow an admin to modify infos about a sale/rent if the seller made a mistake?

:sweat_smile:I agree with you, but the actual don’t go for the tech industry… they are interested in doing cinema, thats why I agree to build a project, now I don’t have much time so I ask you help guys.

OK, I won’t try to understand why they should dev to do cinema :expressionless:
I’m not able at my level to help for Python coding, just wanted to give some ideas to design correctly their app :wink: