I need two buy 1-2 hours of someone's time to help me finish a project

I need two buy 1-2 hours of someone’s time to help me finish a project.

I am stuck on:

  1. Formatting a Dataframe/table on side panel
  2. making a continuous chat using session state.
  3. deploying with a custom URL
  4. creating a log in page and accepting payment
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Hey there!

I saw your post about needing someone to help finish a project. I’m totally up for it! I know how to format data frames and tables, develop continuous chat, deploy with custom URLs, and create log-in pages that accept payments.

Let me know if you’re interested in working with me.

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Hello !!!
If you are still looking for someone to get the job done, write me.
Best Regards

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Hello there I found your post and I’m ready for the job

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glad to know if u got the help needed., lets close the issue

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hi , if u still required help do let me know

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I’m not available for hire for small jobs but this is brand new code that might help you.

In my QuantaAgent project.

Working with Streamlit is a real challenge because it’s so full of bugs. I hope they can improve, because their platform is VERY important. They just need to up their quality a bit and hire someone like me to fix their messes. :slight_smile:


I need some to help me with my streamlit project. I want to make a Memory game

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Hey, I have been working on streamlit for about a year now. I am more than happy to help you!

That would be great! But I need the code till Tuesday

No worries, am available on weekend. Let’s discuss it further!

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