I need two buy 1-2 hours of someone's time to help me finish a project

I need two buy 1-2 hours of someone’s time to help me finish a project.

I am stuck on:

  1. Formatting a Dataframe/table on side panel
  2. making a continuous chat using session state.
  3. deploying with a custom URL
  4. creating a log in page and accepting payment

Hey there!

I saw your post about needing someone to help finish a project. I’m totally up for it! I know how to format data frames and tables, develop continuous chat, deploy with custom URLs, and create log-in pages that accept payments.

Let me know if you’re interested in working with me.

Hello !!!
If you are still looking for someone to get the job done, write me.
Best Regards

Hello there I found your post and I’m ready for the job

glad to know if u got the help needed., lets close the issue

hi , if u still required help do let me know