Use of Streamlit in the Angular websites

I have seen many examples of hosting or using the JS or TypeScript implementations in the Streamlit implementations.

I have a Angular websites and I want to implement the dashboard using a Streamlit .
Does Streamlit offer any features such as iFrame or other mechanisms for integration it in the Angular websites?

I will create a dashboard or application on the Streamlit. I want to embed that in my website with the private deployment as it is specific to website only. I am okay to deploy it to AWS services etc…

Is this what you are looking for?

Note that this is more related to the host rather than Streamlit itself.

Yes. This is what I want to do however as it is used in the professional website. I don’t want to deploy it to the public gallery.

I have asked this question due to this line, what are the possibilities of having is hosted some where in the private or restricted place and we whitelist our Angular site to access or use this Streamlit application

“There will be no official support for embedding private apps”

For a professional web site you want a professional hosting which is either under your control or provided by a third party with some kind of SLA. Streamlit Cloud is not that so its support for embedding is not the kind of support you need anyway.

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