Use streamlit Local and in virtualenv

Hi all!

I have a problem with starting streamlit from virtualenv.

I have streamlit installed locally and want to start another version of streamlit from virtuanenv. When I installed streamlit into virtualenv and run streamlit run it is running local computer streamlit, not from my virtualenv.
Howewer, it’s possible to do using direct path to streamlit.exe located in virtaulenv. (e.g. <venv_name>\Scripts\streamlit.exe run

Is it possible to disable streamlit from the local computer while I am in virtualenv?


Hi @dmifer, welcome to the Streamlit community and thanks for your patience.

Usually, you wouldn’t want to have a global installation of Streamlit, you would just have individual ones like you talk about with your virtualenv. But unless I’m misunderstanding the issue, you can keep opening different terminal windows and re-using the same virtualenv. They will be completely separate processes, so there’s nothing to worry about. The global Streamlit install never has to come into the picture, unless you neglect to specify which environment you want to run your application from.