User / Reviewer Approval Workflow

Has anyone used streamlit for user/reviewer approval workflows? Particularly with multiple approval levels. We are being asked quite frequently to implement custom approval workflows in streamlit but have only ever implemented one step approval workflows. Wondering if anyone has attacked this problem with a more productive framework or component

Hi @importthepandas,

Well, I had used streamlit for a simple 2-level review / approval workflow about 6 months ago. This is how I did it (for my specific use case).

  1. On my disk, I created a config file that had the login name of the reviewer and approver. I could modify this if the reviewer / approver was to go on a vacation, if needed.
  2. In my db, I added 2 fields: (1) for denoting the approval status of the document entry. This was essentially a multi-way flag: (a) Need Review, (b) Need Approval (c) Review Rejected, (d) Approval Rejected, and (2) The person’s name, concatenated with the timestamp.
  3. On app load, the program matches the login with the reviewer & approver contained within the config file and knows whether the reviewer, approver or a general user has logged in. The buttons and/or menu options for review / approval were displayed accordingly.
  4. I’m sure you should be able to extend logic this further with some more inventive coding (for either, named and/or entirely custom workflows).


Thank you @Shawn_Pereira

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