Using button to generate user_input in streamlit-chat interface

Hi, I want to develop an application using the custom components Streamlit-Chat, my question is; is it possible to use bot output and make it the user input?

Here is the bot output:

I want the option for user to be able to click the selection A and make it as their input in the chat page. What my current implementation is to copy the string to the text input that makes the user_input but that does not work as intended

Here is the text input that makes up the user_input:

Will appreciate if anyone could point me to the right direction. Thanks for reading

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I am also very much looking for this functionality and I hope you can let us know when you find a working solution

Try using python tkinter gui for that it’s easier that way

I have a similar need. I wanted an openai chat or Whatsapp style UI. I’ll be inserting dataframes into the conversation but not buttons. Seems programmatically similar to me. My buttons are on the sidebar. The example demonstrates how to programmatically append user input prompts into the conversation. ChatGPT Style Example SOTA.