Using "text-decoration: none" to remove underline in hyperlinks

I have been using style=“text-decoration: none;” to remove underline of hyperlink in my streamlit app.
It worked very well in streamlit version 1.4.0.

However this no longer works when I upgraded to streamlit version 1.5.0.
So, I’ve to downgrade my streamlit version back to 1.4.0.
I wonder if anyone has had this particular problem?
As I have a dataframe column of hyperlinks, I have to remove their underlines so as to display more presentably.
Could someone show me how to do this in streamlit 1.5.0?


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Hi again,

I finally have a couple of solutions of my own. I put the style into a css file and loaded it in.
Then, the st.markdown rendered my hyperlinks successfully without the underlines.

[In version 1.4.0, I had coded the style to the hyperlink that needs underline to be removed and st.markdown rendered it accordingly( without the underline). This no longer worked in version 1.5.0]

The other solution without using the css file is to replace st.markdown with the components.html ( import streamlit.components.v1 as components first).

@Admin, you can close this issue. Thank you.